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Welcome to K Designer

Who We Are

We are a professional designer that design and develop with over 5 years of experience in technologies like WooCommerce, WordPress, digital marketing and Web Designer (Adobe Creative Cloud).

Our Mission

Make the ideas come true, help our customers achieve their goals, be creative, confident and committed with our values and mission.

We love marketing, design, web solutions and all virtual world.

What We Do

We develop superior web experiences for end users with completely customized WordPress WooCommerce (E-commerce Development), WordPress CMS websites and Blog development, and complete digital marketing solutions.

Our Goals

The best way to virtualize your ideas.

With the dream of having our own brand and being partners in ideas and achievements, K Designer was born with the purpose of raising the level of any business.

We want our customers to dream very well and imagine what their business would look like …

We want to be dream makers and reward our customers and partners.

We offer Digital Marketing services, Websites, Blogs, E-commerce, and graphic material.

We have the complete solution for your business to grow healthy, structured and modernized.

Our 6-D process



The first step is to know our client. Their goals, dreams, Ideais, Business focus. What the company expect about us, that will be our mission.



With strategic planning, your business will grow more than ever. Always be where your customers can find you: At the Internet.

Our comprehensive business Plan and Marketing strategy will give you top notch edge to stand out and above the rest.



We are so glad to develop the customize design for each project. We understand that all customer are unique and has different needs. We carefully design strategies and goals to increase the business.



Put into practice what has been planned will bring reliability and security.

Have a relevant language in all areas of the digital universe.

Our business will be in tune with the correct management of social networks, the performance of channels and print media. All in one place.




Apply as planned, this is our commitment.

With client’s support we can develop all process designed to each personalized program to guarantee the best digital results.



Knowing the digital trends, customer profiling and the constant changes in the world, will bring continuous improvement to your business and will always be updated, we deliver the project but is not the end, is just the beginning.

We will still be here, ready to support our customers.

Why choose us?

  • 5 YEARS of in-depth experience and expertise in WordPress, Web Design, and Digital Marketing

We are available on E-mail 24/7.

Fast Response.

  • The website will be fully responsive and user-friendly.
  • Social Networks configuration.
  • Amazing slider, social icons and forms.
  • Blogging Feature
  • Best user experience and fully secured admin panel
  • Continue support after the project.
  • 24/7 Response
  • Frequent updates

ver 5 Years experience in  WordPress, Social Media Management, Strategies Planning and Web Designer.

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